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The States Litter

Parents - Molly and Baxter

Our first litter with Molly and Baxter.  smoke torties, blue smoke and black smokes.  What an array of shades!

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The States Litter

Due to our recent move from Alabama to Georgia, we named this litter the States Litter.  Each kitten represents a state in which I have lived throughout my life.  Please let us know you are interested in one of our available kittens.


Red Collar

Alabama is a blue smoke poly paw male.
Alabama is reserved for the Myers family.

Alabama | MaineCoonHill


Yellow Collar

Carolina is a black smoke tortie and is a non-poly paw female.

Carolina is reserved for the Dyer family.

Carolina | MaineCoonHill


Green Collar

Georgia is a black smoke tortie poly paw female.
Georgia is reserved for Nadia.

Georgia | MaineCoonHill


Blue Collar

Kentucky is a black smoke poly paw male.
Kentucky is reserved for the Vance family.

Kentucky | MaineCoonHill


Orange Collar

Montana is a black smoke non-poly paw male.
Montana is reserved for the Balsam family.

Montana | MaineCoonHill


Purple Collar

Utah is a black smoke poly paw male.
Utah is reserved for the Colburn family.

Utah | MaineCoonHill
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