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The Matrix Litter

Fancy and Baxter Pairing

Baxter surprised us all with an oops litter. He had been neutered and we thought he had cleared but oops.  He is now retired and will not be breeding for us any longer.  This is Fancy's first litter and she did not disappoint.  Both of these babies are gorgeous!



Neo is a red with white non-poly paw boy who promises to be a real looker.  He has his daddy's dark red coloring and his mommy's white blaze.

Neo is no longer available. 

He is reserve for the Winn family.


Trinity is a red with white non-poly paw female.  She is just gorgeous with her blaze carrying just a little higher into her head.  She also has her daddy's dark red coloring.  She is just precious.

Trinity is no longer available.

Trinity is reserved for the Ekstrom family.

The Matrix Litter: Available Pets
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