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Summer Fun Litter

Maica and Hunter have done it again!  They produced 6 large beautiful babies.  They were born June 21, 2023.  We have three boys and three girls.  Yes, there are some polys!

Summer Fun!

MaicaHunter | MaineCoonHill

Can You Spell SUMMER?

Parents: Maica / Hunter

Maica and Hunter have done it again!  They make the biggest most beautiful babies.  This litter was born on the first day of Summer - June 21, 2023.  We have named them using the letters that spell "Summer".  We have two males and four females.  These beauties won't last long!

We are currently taking applications for this litter.

S is for...Storm

Storm is the consummate escapee.  I have caught her several times outside of her kitten area peeking around the corner watching me work.  She is showing a very spunky personality so far.  She is a blue cream smoke regular paw.

Storm has been reserved for the DeHoff family.

Storm | MaineCoonHill

U is for... Una

Una is the sweetest little girl.  She seems to be the quiet one so far.  She has the cutest little blue spot on her chin.  It will be fun watching her personality develop.  Una is a blue cream smoke with white poly paw baby.

Una is reserved for the Woods family

Una | MaineCoonHill

M is for... Mitus

This baby boy is gonna be a big'un!  His feet are ginormous with the poly toes.  He wrestles with everyone and anyone!  Mitus is a black with white ploy paw boy.  We have determined he is a solid - true tuxedo boy.

Mitus is reserved for the Atkinson family.

Mitus | MaineCoonHill

M is for... Mickie

This little girl is going to steal your heart.  She is fun, she is spunky and shows no fear.  Mickie is a blue cream smoke with white poly paw girl.

Mickie is reserved for a sister breeder.

Mickie | MaineCoonHill

E is for... Elliot

This little boy is just precious.  He loves to play with the feather teaser.  Elliot is a black with white tuxedo regular paw boy.

Elliot is reserved for the Verma family.

Elliot | MaineCoonHill

R is for... River

Awe the cutest little boy ever!  River is to die for...he already likes belly scratches.  He is showing some smokiness around his eyes.  It will be fun to see as he continues to smoke.  River is a black smoke with white poly paw boy. 

River is reserved for the Peavy family.

River | MaineCoonHill
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