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Available Retirees

Quality Guaranteed

Retiring Winter of 2024

Behold Elizabeth of Maine Coon Hill

Lizzie will be retiring Winter of 2024. We have decided to keep her for one more pairing as she didn't throw any females in her Spring litter.  She was born 6/28/2021 and is a silver torbie with big green eyes and poly paws.  She has been an outstanding queen in our cattery and has produced some extraordinary kittens.  She has more than earned her pet life and will miss her terribly.

She is a very loving kitty with her humans but should be placed in a home where she is the only cat.  She has a playful and very "demanding your attention" personality.  So if you want a true companion kitty, she is the one.  She is a cuddle bug too!

Lizzie will be vetted, spayed and up to date on her vaccines before she leaves us.  

Lizzie's price is $1000

I do have a wait list for her.

Lizzie | MaineCoonHill
Hunter | MaineCoonHill

Retiring Summer of 2024

Lord Pride Mars of Maine Coon Hill

Hunter has been neutered and vet checked. He was born 6/28/2020 and is a blue smoke with deep green eyes.  He has been an outstanding stud in our cattery and has produced some extraordinary kittens.  We will miss him greatly.

Hunter is a very loving kitty with humans as well as other animals.  He has more than earned his pet life.  He will head butt you for your attention and will pile up with you wherever you are, once you earn his trust. He will sit politely at the table with the rest of the family to eat his dinner.  So if you want a true male companion kitty, he is the one.  

Hunter will be vetted and up to date on his vaccines before he leaves us.  

Hunter has found a home with one of our previous buyers.

Retiring Summer of 2025

Well Being Jamaica of Maine Coon Hill

Jamaica aka Maica will be retired after Spring 2025 breeding season.  She has given us some of our largest and best Maine Coon kittens.  It is hard to part with this lovely girl, but she has graced us long enough.  She deserves a loving home so she can live out her days as a beloved pet.

Maica is a bit shy until given time to warm up.  She had a rather rude introduction to her life in the US until we were able to acquire her.  She has blossomed into one of the most beautiful girls in our cattery.  She is very playful once she feels secure.  She gets along well with other animals and was especially fond of our golden doodle, Bailey.  She is a little timid around young children so would be best in a home with older children.  We are looking for a very special loving home for Maica.

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