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Sirius Black

Mischievous Boy

We are excited to bring another European male stud to our breeding program.  Sirius is 18 months old and has produced his first litter.  His personality is the sweetest of the boys.  He likes to be held and cuddled and makes biscuits while he purrs.  He is very playful and very curious and will play in the water all day long.  His black marbling and black lynx tips is going to pair well with all of our females.  He will also add a splash of brown to our line. Stay tuned!

DNA testing is N/N and available upon request.  Sirius' Pedigree is also available upon request.

Sirius Black | MaineCoonHill

Levi La Roux

MCH's 1st Boy

Maine Coon Hill's Levi La Roux is from the Fabulous Four litter.  His mother is Maica and his father is Hunter.  He is a blue smoke with white.  His boning looks strong like his dad's.  This boy is weighing in at 21 pounds.  He is a very big boy!  He is 6x6 poly paw and replaces his dad, Hunter, in our program.  It will be fun to see the beauties he will produce!

DNA testing is N/N and available upon request.  Levi's Pedigree is available upon request.

Enchanted Maverick

Italian Lover Boy

Enchanted City's Lotus AKA Maverick came to us from Rome Italy in November 2023.  We are super exited to have this boy join our cattery as a future stud.  He is a regular paw black smoke.  He is becoming a very large boy.  We will see kittens soon from this boy!

DNA testing N/N and available upon request.  Maverick's Pedigree is available upon request.

Maverick | MaineCoonHill
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