Our Females

Breeding Perfection

All our Maine Coons are stunning in their own ways, and our gorgeous girls are no exception. With a variety of colors and traits, we are sure to have a kitten with the perfect temperament and personality to fit your lifestyle!  They are all DNA and health tested, well loved, and completely vaccinated. Learn more about their age, pedigree, character, health profile and more below.



Mischievous Bundle of Fun

Well Being Jamaica (aka Maica) is our first European Queen.  From the minute we acquired her, Maica completely captivated us.  She is very gentle and wants attention on her terms.  Everything is a toy to her including your feet in the middle of the night!  She runs along behind our dogs like she is part of the pack.  She doesn't like to be far from her mate and will call him if he is out of site.  She has taken to Lizzie and they spend their days wrestling and playing.  Her large poly paws (7666) and beautiful Tortoiseshell coat are sure to bring a beautiful array of kittens.

DNA testing is N/N and available upon request.  Maica's pedigree is also available upon request.



Playful Loving High Energy

Our newest addition to our breeding Queens is Behold Believe (aka Elizabeth - Lizzie).  She is 10 months old and a Silver Mackerel Torbie, 6655 poly paw.  She has surprised us all with a little red running through her coat.  She has the sweetest disposition.  When she is tired she seeks you out to be loved and petted.  She will add the silver gene to our breeding program along with her sweet, loving personality.  We are breeding her with Hunter this season and I am excited to see what they will produce.  Exciting times, stay tuned for more information....

DNA testing is N/N and available upon request.  Lizzie's Pedigree is also available upon request.